2 Chronicles 29:29-36

All the people praise the Lord and they bring offerings to him

29 At the end of the sacrifices by fire, the king and everyone with him bent their bodies to worship. 30 King Hezekiah and his officers told the Levites that they must sing praises to the Lord. ‘Use the words of King David and of the prophet Asaph,’ they said. So the Levites praised God and they bent their bodies to worship God. And they were very happy.

31 Then Hezekiah said, ‘Now you have given yourselves to the Lord. Come near and bring sacrifices and offerings to thank the Lord into his house.’ So all the people brought their sacrifices and their offerings to thank the Lord. And everyone who wanted to do it also brought sacrifices by fire.

32 For sacrifices by fire, the people brought 70 bulls, 100 male sheep and 200 young sheep. All these animals were for a sacrifice by fire to the Lord. 33 They also put to one side 600 bulls and 3,000 sheep and goats for sacrifices. 34 But there were not enough priests to take the skin off all the animals for the sacrifices by fire. So the Levites helped them until they had finished the work. By that time more priests had made themselves holy to work for the Lord. (The Levites had been more careful to make themselves holy than the priests had been.) 35 There were many sacrifices by fire. Also, there was the fat of the friendship offerings. They also poured the proper offerings of wine with the sacrifices by fire.

That is how they again began to worship in the Lord's house. 36 Hezekiah and all the people were happy because God had helped them to do it so quickly.