2 Chronicles 29:20-28

The king and the people give sacrifices to God to make the temple ready for worship

20 King Hezekiah got up early the next morning and he brought the leaders of the city together. Then he and all the leaders went to the Lord's house. 21 They brought with them 7 bulls, 7 male sheep, 7 young sheep and 7 young male goats. These animals were for a sin offering for the kingdom, for the holy place and for Judah. The king told the priests, Aaron's descendants, that they must sacrifice these on the Lord's altar. 22 So they killed the bulls and the priests took the blood. They threw the blood on the altar. Then they killed the male sheep and the priests threw their blood on the altar. Then they killed the young male sheep and the priests threw their blood on the altar. 23 Then the king and the people who were there put their hands on the male goats. They were a sacrifice for sin. 24 Then the priests killed them. They put their blood on the altar as a sacrifice for the sins of all the people of Israel. That was because the king had said, ‘You must give the sacrifice by fire and the sacrifice for sin to God for all Israel.’

25 The king caused the Levites to stand in the Lord's house with their cymbals, harps and lyres to make music. They stood as David and David's prophet Gad and the prophet Nathan had told them. The Lord had used his prophets to tell people how they should do it. 26 The Levites were standing ready with David's things to make music and the priests were ready with their trumpets.

29:25See 1 Chronicles 6.

27 Then Hezekiah told the priests that they should give the sacrifice by fire on the altar. When they began to give the sacrifice by fire, the singers began to sing to the Lord. The sound of the trumpets also began. And the people with the things of David, the king of Israel, began to make music with them. 28 All the people were worshipping the Lord. At the same time the singers were singing and the priests were making a sound with their trumpets. Everybody did that until the end of the sacrifices by fire.