2 Chronicles 29:11-19

The Levites must make the temple clean

11 ‘My sons, the Lord has chosen you to stand in front of him. He has chosen you to work for him and to be his servants. And he has chosen you to burn oils with sweet smells to him. So do not waste any time.’

12 Then these Levites began to work.

From Kohath's clan, there were Amasai's son Mahath and Azariah's son Joel.

From Merari's clan, there were Abdi's son Kish and Jehallelel's son Azariah.

From Gershon's clan, there were Zimmah's son Joah and Joah's son Eden.

13 From Elizaphan's clan, there were Shimri and Jeiel.

From Asaph's clan, there were Zechariah and Mattaniah.

14 From Heman's clan, there were Jehiel and Shimei.

And from Jeduthun's clan, there were Shemaiah and Uzziel.

15 They brought all the Levites together and all the Levites made themselves holy. Then they went in to clean the Lord's house and to make it holy. The Lord had told the king that he should do that. 16 The priests went into the inside part of the Lord's house to clean it. They found things in the Lord's temple that were not holy. They carried all those things into the yard of the Lord's house. Then the Levites took them away to the Kidron Valley. 17 They began to make the temple holy on the first day of the first month. On the eighth day of the month they reached the door of the Lord's house. In 8 more days they had made all the house of the Lord holy. And on the 16th day of the first month they had finished the work.

18 Then they went to King Hezekiah and they said, ‘We have made the whole house of the Lord clean and holy. That includes the altar for sacrifices by fire with all its tools. And it includes the table for the holy bread and all its tools. 19 King Ahaz removed many things from the Lord's house when he stopped worshipping his God. We have prepared all those things and we have made them holy again. They are now in front of the Lord's altar.’