2 Chronicles 28:2-4

Ahaz worships idols

2 He did all the things that the kings of Israel did. And he made metal idols of the gods called Baal to worship. 3 He burnt oils with sweet smells in the Ben-Hinnom Valley for them. And he sacrificed his sons in the fire. The people that had lived in the country before the Israelites had done many very bad things. So the Lord had pushed out those people in front of Israel's people. But Ahaz copied those things. 4 He offered sacrifices by fire on high places, on the tops of hills and under every green tree. And he burnt oils with sweet smells in those places.

28:3The Ben-Hinnom Valley was to the south of Jerusalem. It was the place of the most evil deeds in Judah. King Josiah made it the place to burn rubbish so that people could not sacrifice their children to Molech. In Jesus' time, they always burned the rubbish there. It was a place where the fire never went out. They called it Gehenna and used it as a word picture of Hell.