2 Chronicles 27

Jotham rules Judah

1 Jotham was 25 years old when he began to rule his country. He ruled for 16 years in Jerusalem. His mother's name was Jerusha, the daughter of Zadok. 2 He did the things that his father Uzziah had done. He did things that gave pleasure to the Lord. But he did not do one thing that his father had done. He did not try to go into the Lord's temple to burn oils with sweet smells. But the people still did very wrong things.

Jotham builds many things

3 Jotham built the highest gate of the Lord's house. It was called the Higher Gate. And he did a lot of work on the wall near Ophel hill. 4 He built towns in the hills of Judah. And he built strong buildings and tall buildings for soldiers in the forests.

Jotham fights with Ammon's descendants

5 Jotham attacked the king of Ammon's descendants and he beat them. That year, Ammon's descendants gave to him about 3,400 kilos (7,500 pounds) of silver. They also gave to him 2,200 kilolitres (575,000 gallons) of wheat and 2,200 kilolitres of barley. Ammon's descendants also gave the same things to him the next year and the year after that. 6 Jotham became powerful because he was careful to obey the Lord his God.

The end of Jotham's life

7 Someone has written about all the wars and about all the other things that Jotham did. All those things are in the Book about the Kings of Israel and Judah. 8 He was 25 years old when he began to rule his country. And he ruled in Jerusalem for 16 years. 9 Then Jotham died and his servants buried him in the city of David. And his son Ahaz ruled the country instead.