2 Chronicles 26:21-23

The end of King Uzziah's life

21 King Uzziah had the illness on his skin until the day that he died. Because of the illness he had to live in a house by himself. And he could not go into the Lord's house. Jotham his son was over the king's house and he ruled the people in his country. 22 Amoz's son, the prophet Isaiah, has written about Uzziah. He has recorded all the other things that Uzziah did as king. He has recorded them from the first thing to the last thing. 23 Uzziah died. His servants buried him in a field that belonged to the kings. They did not bury him in the same place as his ancestors because people said, ‘He had the illness called leprosy.’

26:23Leprosy is a bad illness of the skin.

Then his son Jotham ruled Judah instead.