2 Chronicles 26:11-15

Uzziah's army

11 Uzziah had an army of soldiers who were ready for war. Jeiel was the king's secretary and Maaseiah was the king's officer. These men counted the soldiers and they put them into groups. And the soldiers fought in those groups. Hananiah, an officer of the king, was over them. 12 The number of leaders of the soldiers' clans was 2,600. 13 They ruled an army of 307,500 men who were ready to fight. They were a powerful army to help the king against his enemies. 14 Uzziah gave to all the soldiers enough shields and spears. He gave to them special strong hats and clothes to keep their bodies safe. And he gave bows to them. He even gave stones to them for their things that could shoot stones. 15 Clever men in Jerusalem had new ideas about machines to throw arrows or big stones. Uzziah put them on the tall buildings that he had built on the walls. And he put them at the corners of the walls. God helped him a lot until he became powerful. So the people in places that were a long way away knew a lot about Uzziah.