2 Chronicles 26:11-15

Uzziah's army

11 Uzziah had an army of soldiers who were ready to fight battles. The king's secretary, Jeiel, and his officer, Maaseiah, put the soldiers into groups. They counted the soldiers in each group. Hananiah was the army captain who had authority over them. 12 There were 2,600 family leaders who led the groups of soldiers. 13 Together they led 307,500 soldiers who knew how to fight well. They were a powerful army that could keep the king safe against his enemies. 14 Uzziah gave shields, spears, helmets and armour to the whole army. He also gave them bows and arrows, and stones to put in their slings.

15 Men in Jerusalem who had special skills built machines that could shoot arrows and big stones. Uzziah put them on the towers and at the corners of the walls around Jerusalem. God helped him in many ways, so that he became very famous and powerful.