2 Chronicles 26:1-5

Uzziah rules Judah as king

1 All the people of Judah chose Uzziah to be their king instead of his father, King Amaziah. Uzziah was 16 years old. 2 He built Elath again after King Amaziah had died. He made it a part of Judah again.

26:1Uzziah was also called Azariah. He ruled in Jerusalem from about 790 BC.

3 Uzziah was 16 years old when he became king. And he ruled in Jerusalem for 52 years. His mother's name was Jecoliah. She came from Jerusalem. 4 Uzziah did things that the Lord said were good, as his father Amaziah had done. 5 He served God faithfully all the time that Zechariah was alive. Zechariah taught him to respect and obey God. As long as Uzziah served the Lord faithfully, God gave him success.