2 Chronicles 25:7-10

The king sends back the soldiers from Israel

7 But a prophet came to the king and he said, ‘You king, do not let these soldiers from Israel go with you because the Lord is not with Israel. He is not with any of those relatives of Ephraim. 8 With them, you may be strong and you may fight well in the war. But God will use the enemy to beat you. God can help you. And he can cause your enemies to beat you.’

9 Amaziah said to God's servant, ‘But I have paid 3,500 kilos (7,800 pounds weight) of silver for the army from Israel. What should I do about that?’ God's servant replied, ‘The Lord can give you more money than that! He can give you a lot of money!’

10 So Ahaziah spoke to the soldiers who were relatives of Ephraim. He told them that he did not need them. He sent them away to their homes. They were very angry with Judah. They returned to where they had come from with very angry thoughts in their minds.