2 Chronicles 25:25-28

The end of Amaziah's life

25 Joash's son, King Amaziah of Judah lived for 15 years after Jehoahaz's son Joash, king of Israel died. 26 Men have written down all the other things that Amaziah did from the first thing to the last thing. All those things are in the Book about the Kings of Judah and Israel. 27 After Amaziah had stopped obeying the Lord, men in Jerusalem agreed to kill him. So he ran away to Lachish. But they went after him to Lachish and they killed him there. 28 They brought his dead body to Jerusalem on horses. And they buried him with his ancestors in the city of Judah.

25:25Jehoash, the king of Israel died in about 782 BC. Then the son of Jehoash, Jeroboam II ruled Israel in Samaria. He was the king there for the rest of Amaziah's rule.
25:27Amaziah died in about 767 BC.