2 Chronicles 24:8-11

People bring money to the temple

8 The king said that the Levites must make a big box. They made a big box and they put it outside, by the gate of the Lord's house. 9 Then he sent men to tell everyone in Judah and Jerusalem that they should bring the money there. God's servant Moses had told the Israelites that they should pay this money. He told them that while they were in the desert. 10 All the officers and all the people were happy to give this money. They brought their part and they threw it into the box. They did that until all the people had given their money. 11 The Levites took the box to the king's officers. They took it when there was a lot of money in it. The king's secretary and an officer of the most important priest came. They took the money out of the box. Then they put the box outside the gate again. They did that every day, so then they had a lot of money.