2 Chronicles 24:4-7

Joash wants money for repairs to the temple

4 Some time after those things, Joash decided to do repairs to the Lord's house. 5 He asked the priests and the Levites to come to him. ‘Go into all the towns in Judah. And bring here all the money that Israel's people save each year,’ he said. ‘It is for the repair of your God's house. Do it now.’ But the Levites did not hurry to do it.

6 So the king asked Jehoiada, the most important priest, to come to him. ‘You have not told the Levites that they must bring in the money from Judah and Jerusalem. It is for the tent of God's promise. You should have caused them to bring it. The Lord's servant Moses and all Israel's people agreed to save this money.’

7 The sons of that wicked woman Athaliah had broken God's house. And they had used the holy things from the Lord's house for the Baals.