2 Chronicles 24:12-14

The king and Jehoiada pay men to make repairs to the temple

12 The king and Jehoiada gave the money to builders for the repairs to the Lord's house. They used it to pay men who worked there with stone and wood in the Lord's house. And they paid men who worked with iron and bronze for other repairs to the Lord's house.

13 These workers worked well and they soon finished the repairs. They made the house as it should be. And they made it stronger, too. 14 They did not use all the money. So when they had finished the work, they brought some money to the king and to Jehoiada. They decided to make tools to use in the Lord's house. There were things that the priests used for sacrifices by fire and for other work in the house. They also made dishes and cups out of gold and silver. All the time that Jehoiada was alive, they made sacrifices by fire at the Lord's house.