2 Chronicles 23:16-21

Jehoiada helps the people to serve God

16 Jehoiada prepared a covenant with the Lord. He, all the people and the king agreed to serve the Lord as his people. 17 All the people went to the temple of Baal. They destroyed it. They completely knocked down its altars and idols. They killed Baal's priest, Mattan, in front of Baal's altars.

18 Then Jehoiada gave jobs to the priests and the Levites to do in the Lord's temple. That was the work that King David had told them to do in the temple. They had to offer burnt offerings as sacrifices to the Lord, and they had to praise him with happy songs. They did the things that Moses had written in God's law and that David had taught. 19 Jehoiada put guards at the gates of the Lord's temple. They would stop anyone who was unclean from going in.

20 Jehoiada called together the officers of army groups, the important men, the government officers and all the other people. Jehoiada led them all to bring the king down from the Lord's temple into the palace. They went into the palace through the Higher Gate. They put Joash on the royal throne as king.

21 All the people were very happy. There was no longer any trouble in Jerusalem now that they had killed Athaliah as her punishment.