2 Chronicles 23:1-7

Jehoiada causes Joash to become king

1 After nearly 7 years, Jehoiada decided to be brave. He told some officers in the army what he wanted to do. And they agreed with him. Each leader had 100 soldiers. These men were Jeroham's son Azariah, Jehohanan's son Ishmael, Obed's son Azariah, Adaiah's son Maaseiah and Zikri's son Elishaphat. 2 They went to all the towns in Judah. They brought the Levites from those towns and all the leaders of Israel's clans to Jerusalem. 3 There in God's house all those people promised the king that they would help him.

Jehoiada said to them, ‘Here is the king's son. He must rule as the Lord promised about David's descendants. 4 You must do this: You priests and Levites will go in to work in the temple on the Sabbath. There will be three separate groups of you. One group must watch at the doors of the temple. 5 Another group will watch at the king's house. And the last group will be at the gate called Foundation Gate. All the other people will be in the yards round the house of the Lord. 6 Only the priests and the Levites who have to work there can go in to the house of the Lord. They can go in because they are holy. All the other people must stay outside as the Lord has said. 7 The Levites must stand round the new king, each with his sword in his hand. They must kill anyone who comes into the temple. They must stay very near to the king in any place that he goes.’

23:3Joash was now 7 years old.