2 Chronicles 22:7-9

Jehu kills Ahaziah and his people

7 God used this visit to Jehoram to cause Ahaziah's death. When Ahaziah arrived, he went with Jehoram to meet Nimshi's son Jehu. But the Lord had decided to use Jehu to kill all Ahab's family. God's prophet had put oil on Jehu to show him that God would use him. 8 While Jehu was punishing Ahab's family he found the leaders of Judah. He also found some sons of Ahaziah's relatives who had been servants of Ahaziah. And Jehu killed them too. 9 Then he went to find Ahaziah. Jehu's men found him where he was hiding in Samaria. And they caught him. They took him to Jehu. Then they killed him. They buried him because they said, ‘He was the grandson of Jehoshaphat. And Jehoshaphat obeyed the Lord as well as he could.’ But now there was nobody in Ahaziah's family who could become king.