2 Chronicles 20:20-26

The Lord fights for Judah

20 Jehoshaphat and his men got up early the next morning. And they started to go to the Desert of Tekoa. When they were leaving, Jehoshaphat stood up. And he said, ‘Listen to me, people from Judah and people who live in Jerusalem! Trust the Lord your God. If you do that, you will be safe. Believe his prophets. If you believe them, you will win the fight.’ 21 And Jehoshaphat talked with the people. Then he chose men to sing and to praise the Lord. They had to wear holy clothes. They went in front of the army and they sang, ‘The Lord always does what he has promised to do. And his kind love has no end. So give thanks to him.’

22 The soldiers from Ammon, Moab and from the mountain called Seir were coming to attack Judah. God's people started to sing and to praise the Lord. Then the Lord caused the enemy to have trouble. So Judah's soldiers completely beat the enemy. 23 The men from Ammon and Moab started to attack the men from Seir. They destroyed their army. When they had done that, they started to fight each other. And they were killing each other. 24 The men from Judah came to the place where they could see the desert. They looked for the very large army. But they saw only dead bodies where the enemies had been. All their dead bodies were on the ground. Nobody was still alive. 25 So Jehoshaphat and his people went to take away everything that was valuable. They found a lot of clothes and other valuable things on the dead bodies. They took the things from the dead bodies. But there were more things than they could carry away. There was so much that it took them three days to carry all the things away. 26 On the fourth day they came together in the Valley of Beracah. There they praised the Lord. That is why it is still called the Valley of Beracah.

20:26Beracah means ‘praise’.