2 Chronicles 19:9-11

Rules for judges to obey

9 He said to them, ‘You must be afraid to make the Lord angry in the way that you work for him. Obey him faithfully because you really want to do it. 10 Israelites who live in the cities may be arguing. And they will come to you. These problems may be about deaths. They may be about what the Law teaches. They may be about difficulties with God's rules or about some other law. You must speak to everyone that comes to you for these reasons. You must teach them so that they do not sin against the Lord. If they do not sin, God will not be angry with you or with the Israelites. If you tell those things to them, you will not have sinned in that way.

11 Amariah, the most important priest, will be your leader for all the things that matter to the Lord. And Zebadiah, the son of Ishmael is the leader of the tribe of Judah. He will lead you in all the things that matter to the king. The Levites will be your officers. Be brave and do these things. The Lord will be with those people who do the right things!’