2 Chronicles 19:4-8

Jehoshaphat chooses men to be judges

4 So Jehoshaphat lived in Jerusalem. But he went out among all the people from Beersheba to the hills of Ephraim. He turned the people to the Lord, the God of their ancestors again. 5 He chose men to become judges in the country's cities. He put them in every strong city in Judah. 6 He said to the judges, ‘Be careful how you do your job. Remember that you are not doing it to please men. You are doing it to please the Lord. He will be with you. He will help you to decide what is right. 7 Respect the Lord. Be careful and do your job well. The Lord our God is fair. Sometimes a judge might decide not to be fair because he likes one man more than another. Or he might not be fair because one person gives a bribe to him. But our God never does those things.’

19:4Beersheba was in the far south and the hills of Ephraim were in the north.

8 Jehoshaphat also chose men in Jerusalem to be judges. Some judges were priests or Levites. Other judges were leaders of clans in Israel. Their job was to help people to obey the Lord's Law. Sometimes people did not agree with each other. And the judges must say what was right. They lived in Jerusalem.