2 Chronicles 18:23-27

Zedekiah and Micaiah

23 Then Zedekiah, son of Kenaanah went up and he hit Micaiah on the face. ‘Which way did the Lord's Spirit go when he left me to speak to you?’ he asked.

24 Micaiah replied, ‘You will know that on the day when you go to hide in an inside room.’

25 Then the king of Israel said to his soldiers, ‘Take Micaiah to Amon, who rules the city and to Joash my son. 26 Tell them that the king says, “Put this man in a prison. Give to him only bread and water as food until I return alive and well.” ’

27 Micaiah said, ‘If you really return alive and well, the Lord has not spoken by me.’ Then he said, ‘Remember my words, all you people.’