2 Chronicles 17:12-19

Jehoshaphat's army

12 Jehoshaphat became more and more powerful. He built strong buildings. And he built towns in Judah to store his good things. 13 He stored many valuable things in the towns of Judah. And he kept strong, brave soldiers in Jerusalem. 14 These are their names for each clan.

From Judah there were officers over groups of 1,000 men. Adnah was the officer over 300,000 brave soldiers.

15 Next, there was Jehohanan. He was the officer over 280,000 soldiers.

16 Next, there was Amasiah, Zikri's son. He wanted to be the Lord's servant and there were 200,000 brave soldiers with him.

17 From Benjamin, there was Eliada, a brave soldier, with 200,000 men with bows and shields.

18 Next, there was Jehozabad with 180,000 men with weapons who had prepared themselves to fight.

19 All these soldiers worked for the king. He also had other soldiers that he put in all Judah's strong cities.