2 Chronicles 15:16-19

Asa punishes Maakah because she worshipped idols

16 King Asa also told his grandmother Maakah that she could no longer have authority as the Queen Mother. This was because she had made a disgusting Asherah pole to worship. Asa cut down the Asherah pole and he burned it in the Kidron Valley. 17 Asa did not remove the altars on all the hills in Israel, but he served the Lord faithfully for his whole life. 18 He brought into God's temple the things that he and his father had made as gifts for God. They used silver and gold to make some of these things.

15:16Maakah had been the wife of King Rehoboam. As ‘Queen Mother’, she had authority to make important decisions.
15:16The Kidron Valley was outside Jerusalem.

19 There were no more wars in Judah until Asa had been king for 35 years.