2 Chronicles 15:10-15

Asa brings all the people together in Jerusalem

10 These people met together in Jerusalem in the 15th year after Asa had become king. They met in the third month. 11 At that time they sacrificed many animals to the Lord. They killed 700 cows and 7,000 sheep that they had taken from their enemies. 12 They promised the Lord, the God of their ancestors, that they would obey all his laws. They really wanted to do that as well as they could. 13 They decided to kill anyone who would not obey the Lord, Israel's God. They would kill them whether they were important or not important, man or woman. 14 They gave a very serious promise to the Lord. They shouted with loud voices and with the noise of trumpets and horns. 15 All Judah's people were happy because they had given this promise to God. They really wanted to obey the Lord. They really wanted to find him. So he let them find him. Then the Lord gave them peace with all the nations round them.