2 Chronicles 14:12-15

The Lord helps Asa to win the fight

12 So the Lord let Asa and the men from Judah knock down the men from Ethiopia. So the soldiers from Ethiopia ran away. 13 Then Asa and his soldiers ran after them until they reached Gerar. So many soldiers from Ethiopia died there that their army could not fight again. The Lord and his army beat them completely and they destroyed their army. And Judah's men carried away very many good things from them. 14 The people in the towns round Gerar had become very afraid of the Lord. So the Israelites destroyed those towns. There were many good things in those towns. So Judah's men took away all those good things. 15 They also attacked the tents of those people there who had animals. And they took very many sheep and camels from there. Then they returned to Jerusalem.