2 Chronicles 12:5-11

The Lord uses Shemaiah to speak to Rehoboam

5 The prophet Shemaiah came to the leaders of Judah in Jerusalem. They had come together in Jerusalem because they were afraid of Shishak. Shemaiah told them that the Lord was saying, ‘You have gone away from me. So now I have gone away from you and I will let Shishak beat you.’

6 The leaders of Israel and the king made themselves humble and they said, ‘The Lord is a fair judge.’

7 The Lord saw that they had made themselves humble. So he said to Shemaiah, ‘I will not kill them because they have made themselves humble. I will give some help to them. I was angry but I will not let Shishak destroy Jerusalem now. 8 But they will become his servants. Then they will learn what it is like to be my servants. And they will learn that it is very different to be servants of kings from other countries.’

9 Shishak, king of Egypt attacked Jerusalem. And he took away the valuable things from the Lord's house and the valuable things from the king's house. He took everything. That included the shields of gold that Solomon had made. 10 So King Rehoboam made bronze shields instead. He gave them to the captains of the guards who kept the door of the king's house safe. 11 They carried the shields when they went with the king to the Lord's house. When the king returned, they put the shields in their usual place again. That was in the guards' room.