1 Timothy 2:9-15

Christian women should also live in a good way

9 I also want the women to dress themselves properly in a way that is right. They should not bring shame on themselves. What makes a woman beautiful? It is not the special way that she prepares her hair. It is not the gold things or jewels that she wears. It is not her expensive clothes. 10 Christian women should not dress themselves like that. Instead, their lives should show that they do good things. They say that they want to please God, so that is the proper way for them to live.

11 When you meet together, a woman should learn quietly. She must respect the leaders who teach in the church. 12 I do not let a woman teach men. I do not let a woman have authority over men. Instead, she should listen quietly. 13 I say this because God made Adam first. Then he made Eve. 14 It was Eve, not Adam, who believed the lies that Satan told her. Because she believed Satan completely, she did what God had said was wrong.

2:13Adam was the first person that God made. See Genesis 1:26-27.
2:14See Genesis 2:7, 21-23; 3:1-6.

15 But even as women give birth to children, God will save them. They must continue to trust God and to love other people. They must live in a way that shows they belong to God. They must think carefully about how they live. Then God will save them.