1 Timothy 1:8-11

The purpose of God's laws

8 We know that God's laws are good, if people use them properly. 9 We also know that God did not make those laws for people who already live in a good way. He made them for people like this, to show them what is right:

  • people who refuse to obey any laws;
  • people who do not want anyone to rule them;
  • people who turn away from God;
  • people who do bad things;
  • people who do not respect God's holy things;
  • people who kill their father or their mother;
  • people who murder;
  • 10 people who have sex in a wrong way;
  • men who have sex with other men;
  • people who catch other people to sell them;
  • people who tell lies;
  • people who do not speak the truth in court;
  • people who do any wrong things that are against God's true message.
  • 11 That true message is the good news that comes from our great God. We praise him for it. He has chosen me to tell this good news to people.