1 Timothy

About Paul's first letter to Timothy

Paul was a great Christian teacher. God sent him to many countries to tell people about Jesus Christ. Timothy was a young man who had travelled with Paul on many of Paul's journeys. See Acts 16:1-5.
After Paul had taught in different places for many years, he went to prison at Rome. Rome is the capital of the country that we call Italy. The people who lived at Rome were called Romans. At that time, the Romans were powerful and they ruled many other countries. Paul stayed at Rome for two years. See Acts 28:30. We think that he stayed there at some time between AD 59 and AD 63. That was about 30 years after Jesus died. After two years, we think that the Romans let Paul leave Rome. So, Paul started travelling. He started teaching the Christian message again. And Timothy went with him to Ephesus city. Ephesus was in the country that we call Turkey.
Paul made Timothy the leader of the Christians at Ephesus. When Paul wrote this first letter to Timothy, Paul had left Ephesus. But he had told Timothy to stay there. There was a bad problem among the Christians at Ephesus because some people were teaching wrong things. Paul had already told two men to leave the church because they were doing that. These false teachers had caused some of the Christians to obey the wrong ideas that they taught. So, Paul wrote to tell Timothy that he must stop those false teachers.
In this letter, Paul is teaching Timothy how to lead the Christians at Ephesus. Paul also describes how all Christian leaders should live. He says that they should be good examples for other people to copy.