1 Samuel 25:36-44

Nabal dies

36 Abigail returned to her husband, Nabal. He was eating a big feast with people in his house. It was as good as a king's feast. Nabal was happy and drunk. So Abigail did not tell him anything until the next morning.

37 The next morning, Nabal was no longer drunk. So Abigail told him about everything that she had done. Nabal's heart failed. His body became like a stone. 38 About ten days after that, the Lord caused Nabal to die.

39 David heard the news that Nabal had died. He said, ‘I praise the Lord. He has shown that I was right. Nabal insulted me but the Lord has punished him for that. The Lord stopped me from doing an evil thing. Now he has punished Nabal for the evil thing that he did.’

Then David sent a message to Abigail to ask her to marry him. 40 David's servants went to Carmel. They said to Abigail, ‘David has sent us to you. We must take you back with us to become his wife.’

41 Abigail bent her body down low so that her face touched the ground. She said, ‘I am happy to be David's servant. I am ready to wash the feet of his servants.’

42 Abigail quickly prepared her donkey to go with David's men. She took with her five young girls to be her servants. Abigail went to David and she became his wife.

43 David had already married Ahinoam from Jezreel town. So these two women became his wives. 44 Saul's daughter Michal had been David's wife. But Saul had then given her to Palti as his wife. Palti was the son of Laish, who came from Gallim town.