1 Samuel 23:1-6

David saves Keilah town

1 The Philistines were attacking the town of Keilah. They were taking away the grain that the people had brought from their fields. Someone told David about this. 2 So David asked the Lord, ‘Should I go and attack those Philistines?’

23:1Keilah was about 29 kilometres (18 miles) south-west of Jerusalem. It was about 5 kilometres (3 miles) from Adullam's cave. See 1 Samuel 22:1.

The Lord answered him, ‘Go and attack the Philistines. Save Keilah town.’

3 But David's men said to him, ‘We are afraid when we are here in Judah. If we go to attack the Philistine army at Keilah, we will be in even more danger.’ 4 So David asked the Lord again. The Lord answered again, ‘Go to Keilah. I will put the Philistines under your power.’

5 So David and his men went to Keilah. They fought against the Philistines and they killed many of them. Also, they took away their animals. In that way, David saved the people who lived in Keilah.

6 When Ahimelech's son Abiathar had run away, he had come to David at Keilah. And he had brought the priests' ephod with him.