1 Peter 3:1-7

Wives and husbands

1 I need to speak to you wives. You should each respect the authority of your own husband. Even if your husband does not believe God's message about Jesus Christ, you should still respect him. If you do that, he may then turn to God and believe his message. You will not need to tell him what is true. He will see the good way that you live. 2 He will see that you obey God and that you do things that are completely good.

3 Think about what makes you beautiful. The way that you prepare your hair does not really make you beautiful. Gold things or beautiful clothes do not make you beautiful. 4 Do not just think about your body, but think about what you are really like inside yourself. Be patient and do not become angry easily. Then you will always continue to be beautiful. If you are beautiful in your spirit, God likes that very much. 5 That was how holy women made themselves beautiful many years ago. They trusted God that he would help them. They respected the authority of their husbands. 6 Sarah was a woman like that. She obeyed her husband, Abraham. She called him, ‘My master’. So, you wives also should do what is right. Do not let anything make you afraid. Then you will be like true daughters of Sarah.

3:6Abraham was the ancestor of Israel's people. Sarah was his wife. See Genesis 11:27-23:20.

7 You husbands must also respect your wives. Be kind to your wife and help her. Remember that she is not as strong as you are. Because God is very kind, she has received his gift of true life, as you have. So you should respect her. Then God will answer you when you pray to him.