1 Kings 8:62-66

Solomon offers the temple as a gift to God

62 Then the king and all the Israelite people who were with him offered sacrifices to the Lord.

63 These are the friendship offerings that Solomon offered to the Lord:

  • 22,000 cows.
  • 120,000 sheep and goats.
  • In this way, King Solomon and all the Israelite people offered the temple as a gift to the Lord.

    64 On the same day, the king gave to the Lord the yard that was in front of the temple. King Solomon offered burnt offerings and grain offerings to the Lord. He also offered the fat from the friendship offerings. The bronze altar in front of the temple was too small to contain all these offerings. So Solomon made these sacrifices in the middle of the yard instead. 65 At that time, Solomon and the big crowd of Israelites who were with him had a festival for seven days. They gave honour to the Lord our God. There were people from everywhere in Israel, from Hamath in the north to the Stream of Egypt in the south. 66 The day after the festival, Solomon sent the people away to their homes. They thanked God for the king and were very happy. They were full of joy because the Lord had done many good things for his servant David and for his people, the Israelites.

    8:64See Leviticus 1-3.
    8:65‘seven days’ or ‘14 days’. After seven days for the sacrifices for the temple, the Festival of Huts may have continued for another seven days.