1 Corinthians 16

Help for God's people

1 You asked me about the money that you want to give to God's people at Jerusalem. You should do it in the same way that I told the churches in Galatia. 2 On the first day of every week, each of you should put some of your money in a safe place. Think about how much God has given you. Then decide how much you can give each week. If you do that, the gift will be ready when I come to you. We will not need to start doing it after I come. 3 When I arrive there, you should choose people from your group who will take your gift to Jerusalem. I will write some letters that they will take with them. The letters will explain about your gift. 4 I may also go myself, if that seems the right thing for me to do. Then they can travel with me.

16:1Galatia was part of the country that is called Turkey now.

5 But I must travel through Macedonia first. After I have been to Macedonia, then I will come to you. 6 I will probably remain with you for some time. I may even stay for the whole winter. Then you can help me to continue my journey to the next place. I am not sure yet where that may be. 7 If I come now, I would only have a short time with you. But I want to stay with you for a longer time, if the Lord will let me do that. 8 So I will remain here at Ephesus city until the Pentecost festival. 9 God has given me the chance to do a great work here. But many people are against what I am doing.

16:5Macedonia was north from the country called Greece now.
16:8Ephesus was a city in the country that we call Turkey now. Pentecost was the special time each year when Israel's people thanked God for their food.

10 If Timothy comes to you, please take care of him. Make sure that you welcome him. He is doing the Lord's work, as I am also doing. 11 So you should all respect him properly. When he is ready to leave, help him with the things that he needs. Then he can continue his journey and come to me here. I am waiting for him to come with the other believers.

12 As for our Christian friend Apollos, I wanted him to visit you. I have often told him to come to you together with the other believers. But he does not think that this is the right time. He will come to you when he has the chance.

Paul finishes his letter

13 Watch carefully for danger. Never stop trusting God. Continue to be brave and strong. 14 Whatever you do, do it with love.

15 My Christian friends, you know about Stephanas and his family. They were the first people in Achaia to become Christians. They have worked hard as God's servants to help his people. So I say this to you. 16 You must respect people like them. Do what they say. And also respect everyone who works hard to serve God together with them.

16:15Achaia was the south part of the country that we call Greece.

17 I was very happy when Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus arrived here. You could not be here yourselves, but they have taken your place. 18 They have helped me to feel stronger, as they also did for you. You should recognize the authority of people like them.

19 The churches here in Asia region say ‘hello’ to you. Aquila and Priscilla, and the group of believers that meets in their house, also say ‘hello’ to you. They love you because you belong to the Lord, as they do. 20 All the Christians here say ‘hello’ to you.

When you meet, kiss each other as Christian brothers and sisters.

21 I, Paul, am writing these words at the end of this letter with my own hand. I say ‘hello’ to you.

22 If anyone among you does not really love the Lord, I pray that God will curse that person.

Our Lord, come now! We are waiting for you!

23 I pray that the Lord Jesus will continue to be kind to all of you.

24 I love all of you who belong to Christ Jesus, as I do.