1 Chronicles 9:10-13

The priests who returned

10 The priests who returned to live in Jerusalem were: Jedaiah, Jehoiarib, Jakin and Azariah. 11 Azariah was Hilkiah's son. Hilkiah was Meshullam's son. Meshullam was Zadok's son. Zadok was Meraioth's son. Meraioth was Ahitub's son. Ahitub was the most important officer in God's temple. 12 There was also Adaiah, the son of Jeroham and grandson of Pashhur, who was Malkijah's son. And there was Maasai, the son of Adiel and grandson of Jahzerah. Jahzerah was Meshullam's son. Meshullam was Meshillemith's son, and Meshillemith was Immer's son.

9:10Azariah was the leader of the priests in the temple. Nehemiah called him Seraiah. See Nehemiah 11:11.

13 There were 1,760 priests and their relatives who returned. They were leaders of their clans. They were able to do their jobs well as they served God in his temple.