1 Chronicles 7:20-29

The descendants of Ephraim

20 These are the names of Ephraim's descendants. Ephraim's son was Shuthelah. Shuthelah's son was Bered and Bered's son was Tahath. Tahath's son was Eleadah and Eleadah's son was Tahath. 21 Tahath's son was Zabad and Zabad's son was Shuthelah.

Ezer and Elead were also sons of Ephraim. They went to Gath and they tried to take some cows and sheep from there. So some men who were born in that city killed them. 22 Their father Ephraim cried for them and he was sad for many days. And his family came to help him. 23 Then Ephraim had sex with his wife and they had another son. Ephraim called him Beriah. That name means ‘trouble’. Ephraim chose that name because of his family's troubles. 24 Beriah's daughter was Sheerah. She built Lower and Higher Beth-Horon. And she built Uzzen-Sheerah.

25 And Beriah's son was Rephah. And Rephah's son was Resheph. Resheph's son was Telah and Telah's son was Tahan. 26 Tahan's son was Ladan. Ladan's son was Ammihud and Ammihud's son was Elishama. 27 Elishama's son was Nun and Joshua was the son of Nun.

7:27Joshua became the leader of the Israelites after Moses' death. (See the Book of Joshua.)

28 Ephraim's descendants lived in Bethel and in the villages near it. And they had land there. Also they lived in Naaran in the east. And they lived in Gezer and in the villages near it. Those places were in the west. Also, they lived in Shechem and in the villages near it. And they lived in Ayyah and in the villages near it. 29 Along the borders of the land which belonged to Manasseh's descendants were other towns. They included Beth-Shan and the villages near it and Taanach and its villages. They also included Megiddo and its villages and Dor and its villages. The descendants of Joseph (son of Israel) lived in those towns and villages.