1 Chronicles 6:49-53

Aaron's descendants

49 Only Aaron and his descendants served God as priests. They offered sacrifices to God on the altar for burnt offerings. They also burned sweet oils on the altar for incense. That was their work in the Most Holy Place. They made sacrifices so that God would forgive the sins of the Israelites. They did all this in the way that God's servant Moses had commanded.

50 These were Aaron's descendants:

Eleazar was Aaron's son. Phinehas was Eleazar's son. Abishua was Phinehas's son. 51 Bukki was Abishua's son. Uzzi was Bukki's son. Zerahiah was Uzzi's son. 52 Meraioth was Zerahiah's son. Amariah was Meraioth's son. Ahitub was Amariah's son. 53 Zadok was Ahitub's son. Ahimaaz was Zadok's son.