1 Chronicles 4:24-43

The descendants of Simeon

24 Simeon's descendants were: Nemuel, Jamin, Jarib, Zerah and Shaul.

25 Shaul's son was Shallum. Shallum's son was Mibsam. Mibsam's son was Mishma.

26 Mishma's descendants were his son Hammuel, Hammuel's son Zaccur, and Zaccur's son Shimei.

27 Shimei had 16 sons and six daughters. But his brothers did not have many children. So their clan did not become as large as the people of Judah's tribe. 28 Shimei's descendants lived in these cities and towns: Beersheba, Moladah, Hazar-Shual, 29 Bilhah, Ezem, Tolad, 30 Bethuel, Hormah, Ziklag, 31 Beth-Marcaboth, Hazar-Susim, Beth-Biri and Shaaraim. They lived in those places until David became king. 32 They also lived in these five villages: Etam, Ain, Rimmon, Token and Ashan. 33 There were also other villages round the same towns, as far as Baalath town. Those were the places where they lived. They wrote down a list of the names of their ancestors.

34 The leaders of their clans were: Meshobab, Jamlech, Amaziah's son Joshah, 35 Joel, Jehu (son of Joshibiah, who was the son of Seraiah and grandson of Asiel), 36 Elioenai, Jaakobah, Jeshohaiah, Asaiah, Adiel, Jesimiel, Benaiah 37 and Ziza. Ziza was the son of Shiphi, who was the son of Allon and grandson of Jedaiah. Jedaiah was the son of Shimri and grandson of Shemaiah.

38 Those men were the leaders of their clans. Their families became very large. 39 They travelled to the east side of the valley to find grass for their sheep to eat. They went as far as Gedor. 40 They found good fields that had plenty of grass. The soil was good and the place was large. There were no troubles in that region. Some descendants of Ham had been living there.

4:40‘Ham’ was one of Noah's sons.

41 When Hezekiah was the king of Judah, those leaders of Simeon's clans attacked the people who lived there. Some of those people were called Meunites. The men of Simeon destroyed their homes and they killed all the people. So even today none of those people still live there. Simeon's people lived there instead, because there was good grass for their sheep.

42 Later, another 500 men of Simeon's tribe went to the hill country of Seir. Their leaders were Ishi's sons: Pelatiah, Neariah, Rephaiah and Uzziel. 43 They killed all the descendants of Amalek who were still alive. They took their land and they still live there now.