1 Chronicles 2:18-24

The descendants of Caleb

18 Hezron's son Caleb married Azubah, who was also called Jerioth. Her sons were Jesher, Shobab and Ardon. 19 When Azubah died, Caleb married Ephrath. She gave birth to a son called Hur. 20 Hur became the father of Uri. Uri became the father of Bezalel.

2:18This Caleb is not the same as the man who was Moses' helper.

21 After some time, when Hezron was 60 years old, he married Makir's daughter. She was Gilead's sister. Hezron had sex with her and she gave birth to a son called Segub.

22 Segub became the father of Jair. Jair ruled 23 towns in the region of Gilead. 23 But later Geshur and Aram attacked Jair's towns and took them for themselves. They also took Kenath and the 60 small towns around it.

All those people were descendants of Gilead's father, Makir.

24 After Hezron died, Caleb married his father's widow, Ephrathah. She gave birth to a son for him. His name was Ashhur, and he became the father of Tekoa.