1 Chronicles 2:10-17

The descendants of Ram

10 Ram became the father of Amminadab. Amminadab became the father of Nahshon. Nahshon was the leader of Judah's tribe. 11 Nahshon became the father of Salma. Salma became the father of Boaz. 12 Boaz became the father of Obed. Obed became the father of Jesse.

2:11Boaz married Ruth. You can read more about her in the Book of Ruth.

13 Jesse's firstborn son was Eliab. His second son was Abinadab, and his third son was Shimea. 14 His fourth son was Nethanel and his fifth son was Raddai. 15 His sixth son was Ozem and his seventh son was David. 16 Their sisters were Zeruiah and Abigail. Zeruiah's three sons were Abishai, Joab and Asahel. 17 Abigail gave birth to Amasa. Amasa's father was Jether, a descendant of Ishmael.

2:17In these family lists, ‘son’ can mean ‘descendant’.