1 Chronicles 29:21-25

Solomon becomes king

21 On the next day, they offered sacrifices to the Lord. They made burnt offerings of 1,000 bulls, 1,000 male sheep and 1,000 lambs. They made the proper drink offerings with those sacrifices. They also offered many other sacrifices on behalf of all the Israelites.

22 They ate a big feast to give honour to the Lord and they were very happy.

Then they anointed David's son Solomon to be the next king, with the Lord's blessing. That was the second time that they had chosen him as their king. They also anointed Zadok to be priest. 23 So Solomon sat on the Lord's throne as king, in his father David's place. Everything went well for him as king. All the people in Israel obeyed him. 24 All King David's officers, his brave soldiers and all of his sons promised to serve King Solomon faithfully.

29:22David had already said that Solomon would be the next king. See 1 Chronicles 23:1.

25 The Lord caused all the people in Israel to respect Solomon as a great king. They gave him much honour, more than any king that had ruled Israel before him.