1 Chronicles 27:16-24

Officers with authority over Israel's tribes

16 This is a list of the officers who had authority over Israel's tribes:

  • For Reuben: Zikri's son, Eliezer.
  • For Simeon: Maakah's son, Shephatiah.
  • 17 For Levi: Kemuel's son, Hashabiah. Zadok had authority over the descendants of Aaron.
  • 27:17Aaron was a Levite, but his descendants were Israel's priests.
  • 18 For Judah: Elihu, a brother of David.
  • For Issachar: Michael's son, Omri.
  • 19 For Zebulun: Obadiah's son, Ishmaiah.
  • For Naphtali: Azriel's son, Jerimoth.
  • 20 For Ephraim Hoshea's son, Azaziah.
  • For the half tribe of Manasseh in the west: Pedaiah's son, Joel.
  • 21 For the half tribe of Manasseh in Gilead: Zechariah's son, Iddo.
  • For Benjamin: Abner's son, Jaasiel.
  • 22 For Dan: Jeroham's son, Azarel.
  • Those were the officers who led the tribes of Israel.

    23 The Lord had promised to make Israel a nation with as many people as there are stars in the sky. So King David did not count the men who were less than 20 years old. 24 Zeruiah's son Joab had begun to count the men. He did not finish counting them because the Lord started to punish Israel. So nobody wrote the number in the history book about King David's life.