1 Chronicles 24

The groups of Aaron's sons

1 This is about the groups of Aaron's sons. Aaron's 4 sons were Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. 2 But Nadab and Abihu died before their father died. And they had no sons. So Eleazar and Ithamar were the priests. 3 Zadok and Ahimelech helped David to put them into groups. Zadok was a descendant of Eleazar and Ahimelech was a descendant of Ithamar. They gave to each group special jobs and regular times to work. 4 They found more leaders among Eleazar's descendants than among Ithamar's descendants. They put 16 leaders of clans from Eleazar's descendants and 8 leaders of clans from Ithamar's descendants over them. 5 They chose in a way that was fair to every group. The descendants of Eleazar and the descendants of Ithamar included officers for the holy place. And both groups included officers to work for God.

24:5The descendants of Aaron were the priests.

6 Nethanel's son Shemaiah the Levite was a writer. He recorded their names in front of the king and the other rulers. So Zadok the priest, Abiathar's son Ahimelech and the leaders of the priests' clans and of the Levites' clans were watching. They chose one group from Eleazar's clan then one group from Ithamar's clan.

7-18 This is the list of the group leaders as they chose them.

1 Jehoiarib

2 Jedaiah

3 Harim

4 Seorim

5 Malchijah

6 Mijamin

7 Hakkoz

8 Abijah

9 Jeshua

10 Shecaniah

11 Eliashib

12 Jakim

13 Huppah

14 Jeshebeab

15 Bilgah

16 Immer

17 Hezir

18 Happizzez

19 Pethahiah

20 Jehezkel

21 Jachin

22 Gamul

23 Delaiah

24 Maaziah

19 Each group followed the group before it to work in the Lord's house. That was the rule that their ancestor, Aaron gave to them. The Lord, the God of Israel had told him how they must do it.

The other Levites

20 These are the other Levites: Shubael was a descendant of Amram and Jehdeiah was a descendant of Shubael.

24:20The rest of the descendants of Levi were all those who were not from Aaron.

21 There was Rehabiah's first son Isshiah.

22 From the Izhar clan, there was Shelomoth. And Jahath was a descendant of Shelomoth.

23 There were Hebron's first son Jeriah and his second son Amariah. Then there were his third son Jahaziel and his fourth son Jekameam.

24 There were Uzziel's son Micah and his son Shamir.

25 There were Micah's brother Isshiah and his son Zechariah.

26-27 There were Merari's sons Mahli and Mushi. And the descendants of Merari by his son, Jaaziah were Shoham, Zaccur and Ibri.

24:26-27Some Bible translations seem to include another son called Beno. But the word ‘Beno’ is not really a name. It is a word that means ‘his son’.

28 Mahli's son Eleazar had no sons.

29 There was also Kish's son, Jerahmeel.

30 And there were Mushi's sons, Mahli, Eder and Jerimoth.

That is the list of all the Levites' clans.

31 They, like their brothers, Aaron's descendants, also asked God to choose which jobs each man should do. King David, Zadok and Ahimelech watched them. The leaders of the priests' clans and the leaders of the Levites' clans also did that. They did not give the clans of the oldest brother special places.