1 Chronicles 23:21-27

The group from Merari's clan

21 Merari's sons were Mahli and Mushi.

Mahli's sons were Eleazar and Kish.

22 Eleazar died without any sons. He had only daughters. Kish's sons, who were their cousins, married them.

23 Mushi's three sons were: Mahli, Eder and Jeremoth.

24 Those were the leaders of the Levites' clans, family by family. The Israelites carefully recorded the names of all the men who were 20 years old or older. From that age, they each had their work to do in the Lord's temple.

25 David had said, ‘Now the Lord, Israel's God, has given rest to his people. He has his home in Jerusalem for all time. 26 So the Levites no longer need to carry the tabernacle to different places. They do not need to carry all the things that are used to serve God.’ 27 So David counted the Levites who were 20 years old or older and could work in the temple. Those were David's last words before he died.