EasyEnglish Bible

The Bible in EasyEnglish (1200 word vocabulary). /// Now easier to use and works better on mobile phones ///

Genesis: In the Beginning

Exodus: How God Made the Slaves Free

Leviticus: Gifts to God

Numbers: God gives Rules to Israel’s People

Deuteronomy: It is Time to Remember

Joshua: Going in to the Land that God Promised

Judges: God helps People to Return to Him

Ruth: A Stranger finds Love in Bethlehem

1 Samuel: The King who did not Obey God

2 Samuel: David is King of Israel

1 Kings: From Solomon to Elijah

2 Kings: Why God Sent His People Away

1 Chronicles: David, Israel’s Second King

2 Chronicles: Israel Becomes Two Countries

Ezra: God’s People Build God’s Temple Again

Nehemiah: God’s People build Jerusalem’s City Wall again

Esther: God saves the Jews

Job: When bad things happen to Good People

Psalms: The Psalms of David Translations of the Psalms with commentaries

Proverbs: The Wise Words of a King

Ecclesiastes: The Teacher’s Words

Song of Songs: A Love Story

Isaiah: Isaiah Tells Us God’s Good News

Jeremiah: Jeremiah Speaks God’s Words

Lamentations: A Very Sad Man Prays to God

Ezekiel: Prophet in Babylon with a message for Jerusalem

Daniel: God’s man Daniel

Hosea: Return to God

Joel: God promises to Send his Spirit

Amos: Bad Things Will Happen Soon

Obadiah: God’s Message about Edom

Jonah: God Loves People From Every Country

Micah: Micah’s Message to God’s People

Nahum: Nahum’s message for Nineveh

Habakkuk: Do Not Be Afraid

Zephaniah: Your God Will Sing

Haggai: Build God’s Special Building Now

Zechariah: God’s Servant who is called The Branch

Malachi: Offer your best gifts to God, who is coming soon

The EasyEnglish Bible has been translated by the EasyEnglish Level A Translation Team