Zechariah's song

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 1 - The Birth of a *Saviour - Part 5

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John the Baptist is born

Soon after this Elizabeth had her baby, John. The time came for his *circumcision. And for his parent to give him a name. Then Zechariah was able to speak again. His song (Luke 1:68-79) was also full of words from the *prophets. Everybody knew about this (Luke 1:65). People asked each other questions about John. They asked, 'What kind of man would he be?' The Bible tells us that the *Lord was with John from his birth (Luke 1:15, 66). In the same way, the *Lord had been with Samuel.

God will free his people

The beginning of Zechariah’s song reminds us of words from the time of the *Exodus. God used his very great power then to free his people. Zechariah says that this will happen again. In his song he refers to the ‘horn’. (In the Bible a horn is a sign of power. Psalm 132 refers to a horn.)

God will free his people from their enemies. This was not just a desire to defeat the enemy. It was a cry from a holy man. He wanted to serve the *Lord without fear. He wanted people to know this. God is good. Zechariah says some things also about John.

Psalm 132:17, 18: Here I will make a horn grow for David. I have chosen him as king. I will set up a lamp for him. I will bring shame on his enemies. But I will give him a wonderful crown.


Luke 1:76, 77: And you, my child, will be a *prophet of the Most High God. You will go first. You will prepare the way for the *Lord. You will tell his people this: he will forgive them. He will rescue them.

God will forgive his people

The Jews will serve God. Zechariah’s song says this. They will, at last, do right. They will be holy. They will be free when God forgives them. He will forgive the wrong things that men do. Zechariah was not thinking only about freedom from Roman rule. For many years, he had been studying the *prophets!


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