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apostle ~ one of the 12 men Jesus chose to help him. He chose them to teach other people about him. Christians also call Paul an apostle.

crucifixion ~ a cruel way to kill someone. Men make a large wooden cross and fasten a man to it with nails. He must hang there until he dies.

demon ~ an evil *spirit. Demons are alive, but you cannot see them.

disciple ~ a person who believes in Jesus and obeys him.

elder ~ a leader, who is usually an older and wiser man.

feast ~ a special holy day, when people are very happy

Galilee ~ the part of the country called Israel, where Jesus grew up. Or, a large lake in this area.

heaven ~ where God lives and rules

Holy Spirit ~ Godís Spirit, whom Jesus sent to help people.

judgement ~ the decision about whether something or someone is good or bad. At the final judgement, God will be the judge of everyone.

kingdom ~ land where a king rules. The kingdom of God is the kingdom where God rules

Messiah ~ Messiah means the same as Christ. That is, the one whom God chose as *Israel's special king. God forgives us because Jesus, our Messiah, suffered the punishment for our evil deeds.

miracle ~ a wonderful event that shows that God is at work.

Old Testament ~ the part of the Bible that tells about the time before Jesus came.

Pharisees ~ a group of Jews who thought that they kept all of Godís commands. Many Pharisees did not like what Jesus said. They thought that they were always right and they became very proud.

preach ~ tell and explain the good news about Jesus to someone, or to a group of people.

priest ~ a special servant of God, who spoke to God for the people

prophet ~ a person who can tell other people what God wants.

repent ~ be sorry for the wrong things that you have done and ask God to forgive you.

resurrection ~ become alive after death.

sin ~ when people do not do what God wants; wrong things that we do or say.

soul ~ part of us that we cannot see, that is in us during life, and continues to live after death.

spirit ~ spirits are alive, but we cannot see them. There are good spirits usually called angels. And there are bad spirits (also called evil spirits, or demons). Satan is their leader.

synagogue ~ the place or building where Jews meet together. They pray and read the *Old Testament.

worship ~ when people give honour to God; they pray and praise him



Jesus tells people the good news and cures people in *Galilee

  1. Jesus appoints the 12 apostles

  2. Jesus gives life to a dead man

  3. Jesus on Lake *Galilee

  4. Jesus visits Gadara

  5. Jairusís daughter

  6. The *Pharisees oppose Jesus

  7. Jesus cures a man on the Sabbath day

  8. Herod and John the Baptist

  9. People must *repent

  10. Jesusí appeal


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