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angel ~ a servant from God who brings messages to men

baptise ~ to put a person in water, or to pour water on a person, to show that Christ has made him clean; a sign that a person has become a Christian

baptism ~ the ceremony when they *baptise someone

cross ~ two pieces of wood fixed together. Jesus died on a cross, and so the cross is now the sign of the church

demon ~ an evil *spirit.

devil ~ another name for Satan, Godís enemy

disciples ~ people who believe in Jesus and obey him

Galilee ~ the place in *Israel where Jesus grew up

glory ~ the power and greatness of God

grace ~ a gift of God that we do not deserve and cannot earn; his help and protection

heaven ~ where God lives and rules

Holy Spirit ~ Godís Spirit, whom Jesus sends to help people.

Israel ~ the Jewish people, or the land of the Jewish people

judge ~ decide if a person is good or bad

kingdom ~ land that a king rules. Especially, the kingdom where God is the king. Jesus came to establish God's kingdom. Now, God rules in our hearts and lives. But in the future, when Jesus returns, the kingdom of God will become complete.

Lord ~ another name for Jesus, which shows us that he is greater than anyone else

mercy ~ the love that God shows when he forgives us

Messiah ~ Messiah means the same as Christ. That is, the one whom God chose as *Israel's special king. God forgives us because Jesus, our Messiah, suffered the punishment for our evil deeds.

miracle ~ a wonderful event that shows that God is at work

Most High ~ a name for God.

New Testament ~ the last part of the Bible, which the writers wrote after the life of Jesus.

Old Testament ~ the first part of the Bible, which the writers wrote before Jesus came.

Passover ~ a holy day for the Jews. God freed them from being slaves in Egypt at the time of Moses. They remembered this time. They met in the *Temple at Passover and had a meal together.

Pentecost ~ the time each year when Jews thank God for their food; the time when God gave the Holy Spirit to the church

Pharisees ~ Jews who thought that they kept all Godís laws. Some Pharisees thought that they were always right. So they became very proud.

preach ~ to tell people the good news about Jesus

preacher ~ a person who tells the good news about Jesus

priest ~ a special servant of God; a man that God chose to do things for him

prince ~ the son of a king

prophecy ~ the words that a *prophet says.

prophet ~ a person who can tell other people what God wants

repent ~ be sorry that you have done wrong things; you turn to God

resurrection ~ to become alive again after death.

righteousness ~ being right with God; when God sees us with no *sin at all, and not his enemies

sacrifice ~ a special gift to God

Sadducees ~ a group of Jews who did not believe that there was any life after death

Satan ~ Godís chief enemy.

saviour ~ Jesus, who brings us to God and rescues us from the wrong things in our lives

sin ~ when people do not do what God wants; wrong thing that we do or say

sinners ~ people who *sin. In fact, everybody *sins. Nobody is perfect. This is why Jesus died. He suffered the punishment for our *sins.

spirit ~ spirits are alive, but we cannot see them. There are good spirits usually called angels. There are also bad spirits (called evil spirits, or demons). *Satan is their leader.

spiritual ~ about the part of us that never dies

synagogue ~ the place or building where Jews meet together. They pray and read the *Old Testament there.

temple ~ the special building in Jerusalem where the Jews went to *worship God

worship ~ when people honour God; they pray and sing his praises



John the Baptist and Jesus begin their work

  1. A *prophet is here!

  2. Johnís message

  3. Johnís message of trouble!

  4. John *baptises Jesus

  5. The *Devil tries to make Jesus do wrong things

  6. Jesusí purpose

  7. The *Devil tests Jesus for the first time

  8. The *Devil tests Jesus for second time

  9. The *Devil tests Jesus for the third time

  10. Jesus begins his special work for God

  11. Confusion about the *kingdom


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