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angel ~ a servant from God who brings messages to men.

ascension ~ Jesus left earth and went to be with God in heaven.

baptise ~ when you put a person in water, or pour water on a person. Christians do this to show that the person belongs to Christ and his church.

cross ~ two pieces of wood fixed together. Jesus died on a cross, and so the cross is now the sign of the church

disciple ~ a person who believes in Jesus and obeys him. The 12 men whom Jesus chose to be with him were the first disciples.

Easter ~ the season of the year when Christians remember that Jesus came alive again after death.

empire ~ land that an emperor (a very important king) rules over.

heaven ~ where God lives and rules.

Holy Spirit ~ Godís Spirit, sent by Jesus to help people.

judge ~ decide if a person is good or bad.

judgement ~ the decision about whether someone or something is good or bad.

kingdom ~ land that a king rules.

Kingdom of God ~ the time when God will rule over everybody, completely.

Lord ~ another name for God or Jesus, which shows that he has authority over everything.

Messiah ~ Messiah means the same as Christ. That is, the one whom God chose as *Israel's special king. God forgives us because Jesus, our Messiah, suffered the punishment for our evil deeds.

New Testament ~ the part of the Bible that tells about Jesus, and the beginning of the church.

Old Testament ~ the part of the Bible that tells us about the time before Jesus came.

prophet ~ a person who can tell other people what God wants.

Saviour ~ Jesus, who brings us to God, and rescues us from wrong things in our lives.

sin ~ wrong things that we do or say.

spirit ~ the part of a person which is alive, and which we cannot see.

spiritual powers ~ in Ephesians 6:12, this means the devil's servants (also called evil spirits or demons).

throne ~ a special chair, which a ruler sits on.

vision ~ a dream, sometimes a dream that comes to a person who is awake.



Jesus lives again and returns to God

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