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apostle ~ the 12 men whom Jesus chose to be his helpers. He chose them to teach other people about him. Christians also call Paul an apostle.

cross ~ two pieces of wood fixed together. Jesus died on a cross, and so the cross is now the sign of the church.

crucifixion ~ a cruel way to kill someone as a punishment. The Roman soldiers would make a wooden *cross and fasten a man to it with nails. He must hang there until he dies.

Devil ~ another name for Satan, who opposes God.

disciples ~ people who believe in Jesus and obey him. The first disciples were the 12 men whom he chose to be with him.

Holy Spirit ~ Godís Spirit, sent by Jesus to help people.

judge ~ decide if a person is good or bad.

judgement ~ the decision about whether something or someone is good or bad.

kingdom; land that a king rules. The 'kingdom of God' means all the people who love and obey God.

Lord ~ another name for God or Jesus, which shows that he has authority over everything.

Messiah ~ Messiah means the same as Christ. That is, the one whom God chose as *Israel's special king. God forgives us because Jesus, our Messiah, suffered the punishment for our evil deeds.

peace ~ calm, especially in our *spirits. Before we trusted God, we were his enemies. But now, we are his friends.

prophet ~ a person who can tell other people what God wants

prophecy ~ words that a *prophet speaks.

repent ~ be sorry for wrong things that you have said or done. You decide to love God. You start to obey him.

salvation ~ when God saves us from the results of our wrong beliefs and actions

sins ~ wrong things that we do or say.

soul ~ the part of us that that we cannot see. This part is in us during life, and lives on after death.

spirit ~ the part of a person which is alive, and which we cannot see.


The *Crucifixion of Jesus

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  2. On the *cross

  3. The darkness at the *crucifixion of Jesus

  4. The curtain: the whole earth shakes

  5. Our reply


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