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angel ~  a servant from God who brings messages to men.

cross ~  two pieces of wood fixed together. Jesus died on a cross, and so the cross is now the sign of the church.

crucifixion ~  the way that the Romans killed their prisoners. The soldiers would fix the man to a *cross with nails.

crucify ~  to kill someone by nailing him to a cross of wood. He has to hang there until he dies.

disciples ~  people who believe in Jesus and obey him. The first disciples were the 12 men whom he chose to work with him.

drops ~ tiny quantity of liquid

feast ~ a large meal for a special event. Jewish feasts were part of their religion.

heaven ~  where God lives and rules.

High Priest ~  the most important priest in the Jewish *temple.

Holy Spirit ~  Godís Spirit, sent by Jesus to help people.

Hosanna ~  a word to praise God. It means ĎWe want God to save us.í

judgement ~  the decision about whether someone or something is good or bad.

kingdom ~  land that a king rules.

Lord ~  another name for Jesus, which shows that he has authority over everything.

Lordís Supper ~  when Christians share bread and wine. They remember the meal that Jesus had with his *disciples before his death.

Messiah ~ Messiah means the same as Christ. That is, the one whom God chose as *Israel's special king. God forgives us because Jesus, our Messiah, suffered the punishment for our evil deeds.

miracle ~  a wonderful event that shows that God is at work.

Pharisees ~  a group of Jews who thought that they kept all of Godís commands. Many Pharisees did not like what Jesus said. These Pharisees thought that they were always right, so they became very proud.

prophet ~  a person who can tell other people what God wants.

repent ~ be sorry that you have done wrong things. You decide to love God, and start to obey him.

resurrection ~  when someone comes alive after death.

sin ~  when people do not do what God wants;  wrong things that we do or say.

Son of David ~  one of the names that God gave for the *Messiah.

temple ~  the special building in Jerusalem where the Jews went to honour God.


Jesus' arrest and appearance at court

  1. Jesus' problems with the Jewish rulers

  2. Jesus' problems with the crowds

  3. Jesus' problems with his *disciples

  4. Jesus' enemies decide to kill him 

  5. Mary pours oil on Jesus at Bethany

  6. Judas agrees to help the enemies arrest Jesus

  7. The *Last Supper

  8. Jesus in the garden called Gethsemane

  9. Tests for Jesus at night

  10. Jesus in Pilate's court

  11. The soldiers beat Jesus on the way to the *cross

  12. What *prophets wrote comes true

  13. Why Jesus came to this world


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